How To Master Big Change By Taking Small Steps

We Get It. 

Our days also feel crazy, with not enough hours in the day to get through what needs to get done!

There’s the crazy pressure that comes with the fast constant change. You have to keep innovating, to find better ways to delivery yesterday solutions, the demand to automate, to collaborate and to respond to a changing market!

Our answer to this is the 1% Challenge that enables you to create massive change by making small, daily adjustments, where you:

  • Build a responsive workflow system that allows you to adapt and adjust to the ongoing market demands.
  • Focus on what matters, eliminating the distractions and trivial, time-wasting tasks that create friction and limit your growth.
  • Identify and amplify the leverage points in the system while reducing the blockages and frustrations.
  • Digitise your workflow using, building in collaboration with real-time feedback metrics across the company, department or team.

Designing Responsive Workflows

The 1% Challenge is about small steps that create massive change in an exponential, technology driven world.

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