Digital Transformation Is No Longer Optional!

The Problem Is It’s Really, Really Hard.

Becoming digital is about reimagining your products and services as digitally enabled assets to create a digitally driven customer experience. 

And this is why there is no digital transformation playbook. It is often made up on the fly, which leads to massive tension and trauma!​

Becoming digital is no longer a choice but a requirement to thrive in the digital age.

It redefines the nature of work and productivity, resulting in a real change of your daily activities, processes, competencies, and business models.

The Broken Big Bang Theory of Digital Transformation

Digital disruption brings significant change. It can be overwhelming, and often we feel we have to fight this change with substantial actions to create quick results. It’s a Big Bang approach to change. Hit it hard, hit it big, with a massive burst of energy. 

But when you miss the mark, or results don’t happen fast enough, and you run out of resources (Money, Time, Motivation, Willingness and so on), you lose your chance to disrupt yourself before it’s too late.

The WTF 1% Transformation Journey Program

The other way to approach is counter-intuitive. By changing a small bit, every day, slowly and consistently. When you improve things by 1% every day, for 365 days, the change you create compounds to as much as a 37 times improvement.

This approach is designed to de-risk your transformation journey. It guides your staff on how to overcome the resistance of delivering on the hardest change programs that they will ever do. It’s designed to deliver actionable change that is measured and to reduce the risk of failure.

The program is designed around making small incremental changes of improving 1% a day.

Becoming digital requires a mindset shift where you see and do things differently. 

It takes old traditional, physical products and demands that you digitise them in a new and different way by focusing on your customers. 

The difference between success and failure is when staff voluntarily opt into the hardest change journey that they will ever do. 

The 1% Digital Transformation Program is designed to deliver this!

Transformation Journey Framework​

Business is about creating and keeping customers by solving their real problems. To digitally transform you need to break down your current approach and map the desired digital-enabled future.

The 1% Digital transformation Program is structured to do this by:

  1.  Insights: An executive Map of The Now and The Future
  2. Executive and Senior Management Alignment: Now and The Future
  3. Senior Management and Team Alignment: Now and The Future
  4. Design and Implement The 1% Plan of Action
  5. Monthly Review and Adjustments with Exponential Technology Updates
  6. Final Program Review and Feedback

WTF Collaboration Partner​

We have partnered with to help plan, organise and track your daily workflow process. 

It’s a simple, intuitive, collaborative platform space that is visual and easy to use. You can customise your workflow and track progress at a glance. The What’s The Future team will configure with your transformation programme and create real-time reporting

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