Digital Transformation Is No Longer Optional!

The Problem Is It’s Really, Really Hard.

This is why 70% of the estimated $1. 3 Trillion of this year’s digital transformation spend will fail! And there are three reasons why:

  1. There’s No Playbook: Digital transformation is about reimagining your products and services as digitally enabled assets. There’s no playbook or roadmap as each transformation is unique.
  2. It’s Big and Scary: Transformation is a huge change programme where you need to implement new ways of working. It’s too much for most of your staff!
  3. It’s Complex: You need to find new value at the intersection of physical and digital assets using data to deliver a digitally driven customer experience.

“You can no longer wait for digital transformation to happen in your organisation, you need to go make it happen today.”

Brett St Clair

Becoming digital is no longer a choice!

Brett St Clair found how hard this was in the real world. He left Google to join Barclays with the mission of digitally transforming them, where he saw the trauma the process created amongst his teams. 

With nothing to lose, he flipped the approach and improved things by 1% every day. Why? Because you do this for 365 days the change you create compounds to as much as a 37.87 times improvement.  

Michael Cowen found the same thing when he left Deloitte Digital to join a well-funded startup. The goal was to exponentially scale. And there is nothing harder than exponential growth.

It’s where Michael learnt that 1% compounded change was more effective.

“The difference between your Digital transformation succeeding and failing is when staff voluntarily opt into the hardest change journey that they will ever do. This is why bite-size chunks work so well.”

Michael Cowen

The WTF 1% Transformation Journey

Supporting Your Digital Transformation Program

Digital disruption brings big change. It’s complex, overwhelming and without any playbook, we often feel we have to fight big change with big actions.

But what would happen if you improved everything in your organisation by 1% every day? The day-to-day change of doing this is small, yet over the course of 365 days, you will be 37,78 times better by the time you’re done. The opposite is also true. Doing 1% less over the full year, you will decline to nearly zero.   

We call this approach Compounding Momentum, where every day you build on the value that you created the day before.    

The 1% Framework

Building Momentum Through Compounding Change

Our 1% Transformation approach is designed to support you on your journey. We focus on helping de-risk the process and help guide your staff to overcome any resistance to change. Our goal is to deliver actionable change and to measured and reduce the risk of failure.

The 1% Digital transformation Program is structured to do this by:

  1. Insights: An executive Map of The Now and The Future
  2. Executive and Senior Management Alignment: Now and The Future
  3. Senior Management and Team Alignment: Now and The Future
  4. Design and Implement The 1% Plan of Action
  5. Monthly Review and Adjustments with Exponential Technology Updates
  6. Final Program Review and Feedback

What's The End Goal

Digital Transformation is about solving your customers problems digitally. This is why it’s about reimagining your products and services as digitally enabled assets. And this is why the end outcome of your digital process has to deliver value so that you are able to:

  • Find new customers to grow your business  
  • Deliver value to these customers through a digital customer experience
  • Retain customers to up-sell and cross-sell

Our 1%  Transformation approach focuses on building compounded momentum to deliver this.

Tracking and Monitoring The Journey

We have partnered with to help plan, organise and track your daily workflow process. 

It’s a simple, intuitive, collaborative platform space that is visual and easy to use. You can customise your workflow and track progress at a glance. The What’s The Future team will configure with your transformation programme and create real-time reporting. 

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