A WTF Keynote

The Hidden Secret To Managing Exponential Change‚Äč

Whats The Future Keynote Speaker’s Brett St Clair or Michael Cowen deliver an inspiring keynote on how to master digital transformation.

The world is changing and up to 70% of all digital transformation programs will fail!

These transformative efforts all have one things in common. They focused on the tech and ignored their people, who are your greatest asset!

This Keynote helps you understand how to digitally transform through your people and how to build compounding momentum to keep growing and thriving in a changing world.

The topics that we look at, include:

  • What a recursive strategy is and how to map exponential technology with your core strategy and vision.
  • Understanding why over 70% of all digital transformation efforts fail.
  • Break down of the critical transformation blind spots and what you can do about them. ¬†
  • How to digitise your old industrial process to become more agile and move quicker.
  • Why the world is moving to Object Key Results (OKRs) shaped by principle-based strategies and why this is important in aligning the company
  • Developing a responsive mindset through the 1% transformation challenge
  • How to grow innovation in your business to keep up in this new world of constant change.
  • How to reimagine your products and services as digital products and services.

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Meet The WTF Keynote Speakers

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF, which helps build responsiveness to exponential technology daily using the WTF 1% Challenge.

Previously Michael was Deloitte Digital Advisory Director, Mindshare’s Digital Lead, and founder of 4 startups, each using technology in different ways.

Brett St Clair is the CEO of Siatik, Googles African Premier Cloud Partner, where we focus on Cloud, Big Data (AI/ML) and IoT.

Previously Brett was Country Manager for Google and head of Africa digital products for Barclay.