The 1% Challenge

We are open sourcing our 1% Challenge that we run for many of our clients. Why? Well, thats what we break down in the introductory video …. It started with what we call the WTF Moment. That’s where you sit back and say: “WTF do we do now?” Every time we spoke with our clients … Read more

A Dying Coal Industry Offers Disruptive Insights Into Your Business

Coal is dying. Finance of new development has declined by three quarters over the past three years. Plants are closing. Renewables are growing. It’s a great lesson in More’s Law and understanding how disruptive technology can change your industry. Whats More’s Law More’s Law is a principle that tracks how technology performance doubles every 18 … Read more

Thriving In A Digital Age

The world has changed. We all know that this through our daily, uncomfortable and stressful. experiences! We call that WTF Moment: that’s when you sit back and say: WTF do I do Now? The biggest reason we get this moment is that our thinking and approach is out of date. We are stuck in an … Read more

Building Systems of Trust

Healthy relationships build healthy businesses. And healthy relationships are built on trust. This is between staff, customer and your business. And it’s simple. When trust gets broken, so does your business. To thrive in today’s digital age you have to see your business as a system of trust. It needs to connect everyone through this … Read more

How To Personally Thrive In A Disrupted System

Capitalism’s greatest strength has always been its ability to adapt and redefine itself. It an effective system that takes the environments feedback and self-adjusts. Simple. Until it’s not. Capitalism is losing its flexible and adaptability. We’ve pushed it too far! The conflict has never been higher and the world is too tense. Most of which … Read more

Building A Sustainable Hierarchy In A World of Uncertainty

There is always a hierarchy. Everything has a hierarchical structure. It happens when we place more value over another thing. This is from your thoughts structure, the way your works, your neighbourhood, your group of friends, your business, society in general, politics. You name it, it has a hierarchal structure. And hierarchies change. They are … Read more