What is Devops and Where Is It Going – with Josef Langerman

In this Leaderex chat we talks with Josef Langerman about dev ops and what it means in large organisation.

What’s Digital, What’s Dev Ops?

Josef’s thoughts around what a digital business is was quite novel. When I asked him what a digital business is he asked me what digital actually means. For him it’s about flow and getting things to flow through the system without any bottlenecks and hiccups. And more importantly it’s about how you feel. You are winning when you feel alive and excited about being part of a team that builds really good stuff. It’s what Google calls uncomfortable excited.

We chat about the immune system and what it means in your organisation. He breaks down the idea that corporates are about running a marathon (with a thick skin) – and a start up is a sprint and we need to balance the ups and the downs.

He shares how well standard bank and how the culture of dev ops is changing and redefining how people work

The Ecosystem of Coding

Josef was at Leaderex to talk about coding – but rather than talking about coding he spoke about the ecosystem of coding. He shared his insights into our current education status around STEM and how well we are actually doing. Things are looking good from a skills set perspective. In short the stats show that efforts are paying off.

He talks about resilience and how do you code and manage for this. It’s something that we do not plan for and prepare for it.

He talks about the primacy of code and building a customer journey. This thinking is a big shift from the project or process approach of the past. This is a bit cultural shift.

And he recognises the fact that Brett is not just a squirrel but rather an energiser squirrel.

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