SA Blockchain Technology and Cryptoassets – with Tanya Knowles

In this podcast we sit down and have a chat to Tanya Knowles. Tanya is the Managing Executive, Fractal Solutions. This is the Strate Innovation Lab that specialises in blockchain technology and cryptoassets. We wanted to catch up and see how the Strate Blockchain was progressing. We had previously chatted with Monica Singer, Strate’s ex … Read more

Benjamin Schoderer – Yums Digital Marketer of 2018

We had a sit down with Benjamin Schoderer, the IAB 2018 Marketer of the year. Ben is an experienced digital marketer and is currently the digital manager at YUM and he looks after the KFC brand.

Building A Digital Platform From The Ground Up.

I have worked on the KFC brand before digital marketing really got going at YUM. Ben joined there just after I moved on and I know how much work he had in front of him. I can tell you he had a few digital challenges that he needed to get on top of and manage. To say that he has done an amazing job is to undersell the effort he has put in there and the value he created for the brand.

As a digital marketer, he’s done an amazing, innovative job of building the back end systems, done some very clever creative campaigns and his work is agencies to deliver real brand value to the brand.

Ben shares his experiences and what he has had to go through to get to where he is. He also shares the challenges that he has faced. For anyone who is looking at a career in digital marketing, this podcast is worth listening to.


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