Digital Transformation is hard. Really really hard!

And, as you know, no longer optional.

But it’s not just about technology. It’s about the people inside the business. The way we have been taught to work and the way that we do is for a time that’s passing.

Their ability to shift from an old way of doing and becoming responsive to market change will define your success.

Irrespective of what exponential technology you implement, if you can’t get your people to shift, your digital transformation efforts will fall short and fail.

At WTF we have developed a strategy, and an approach called 1%, where we look at building compounded momentum, by making small shifts every day, including your strategy, your process and your people.

“You can no longer wait for digital transformation to happen in your organisation, you need to go make it happen today.”

Brett St Clair

70% of all digital transformation efforts will fail this year - at a cost of $900 Billion!

It’s A People Process, First!

The Digital Transformation message is clear – The way we have been taught to work is losing relevance – and we need to relearn and change how we work. It’s about changing the way you work and shifting from a siloed structured organisation to an adaptive, responsive. This is hard and it’s why:

  • Digital Transformation is about people and technology.
  • Your staff are going to be the biggest barrier to digitally transform.
  • Your staff need to develop the ability to adapt to fast-changing customers demands.
  • Your staff need to develop new ways of collaboration as agile teams.   
  • Your staff need to become comfortable with daily change.

The WTF 1% Approach!
Compounded Momentum.

Big massive change is really, really hard, but small change is really really easy. And when you make small 1% changes, every day, it compounds. The key is that it’s a company-wide effort,  where:

  • The change process is embraced by everyone and not a few small departments.  
  • The only way to transform is to transform every day, creating a habit of transformation. .
  • It reduces the fear of change and encourages your staff to take action.
  • Allows you to develop a unique digital transformation strategy without breaking the old core business.  
  • Digitises your workflow management. 

Supporting, Not Replacing, Your Digital Transformation Efforts

The 1% WTF Strategy is designed to support your current efforts, rather than replace them. 

Lead by Brett St Clair, who was schooled in this approach at Google, and Michael Cowen, whose Deloitte Digital experience will guide you through the three critical areas where 70% of digital transformation fail in, namely:   

  • 1% Strategic Alignment
  • 1% Personal Performance Alignment
  • 1% Process Alignment. 

“The difference between your Digital transformation succeeding and failing is when staff voluntarily opt into the hardest change journey that they will ever do. This is why bite-size chunks work so well.”

Michael Cowen

#WhatsTheFuture? It's A New Way of Doing!

Making Digital Transformation Simple and Easy

Our 1% Digital Transformation Framework takes the pain out of the process and helps you win.